Christ Church Cemetery


The Christ Church Cemetery Board has computerized our lot, contact, and burial information. If you wish to confirm that loved ones are laid to rest in our cemetery or wish to be on our mailing list for our Annual Decoration Day Service, please send an email to our feedback address.

We receive many favourable comments about our beautiful Churchyard and Cemetery.

We need to keep the open flat concept of the Churchyard and also allow uninterrupted access for maintenance. We understand your desire to do what you believe to be the best for your loved ones and we do not wish to detract from this.

For a copy of our current By-laws please contact.

Purchase of Interment Rights*

 Double Lot $3000.00
 Care and Maintenance Fund $2000.00
 Total $5000.00

 Single Lot

 Care and Maintenance Fund $ 1000.00
 Total $2500.00


* Interment rights may be purchased by monthly instalments over 12 months; must be paid in full prior to burial.

Interment Pricing

 Summer (May 1 to November 30)  
   Payable to Cemetery for opening  $450.00
 (Plus contact approved Contractor Baker Vault Company for current prices)  

 We are closed for Burials in Winter (from December 1 to Aril 30)

Outer Containers (required for all casket burials) 
 (Contact approved contractor Baker Vault Company for current prices)

Cremation (Summer Only - May 1 to November 30) 
   Payable to Cemetery for opening    $350.00
   (Standard Size: 15" square, 18" deep)


Memorial Placement

   (At point of installation)

(Flat Stone - 173 in2 or larger)
Payable to Cemetery
$ 50.00
Care and Maintenance Fund
$ 100.00

(Flat Stone - smaller than 173 in2)
Payable to Cemetery
$ 25.00


 Monument (Pillow Stone) Payable to Cemetery 

$ 100.00
 Care and Maintenance Fund 
$ 200.00