Christ Church Cemetery

General Information / Plot Pricing

Recent efforts by the Cemetery Board has allowed us to computerize our plot, contact, and burial information. If you wish to confirm if loved ones are laid to rest in our cemetery, please send us an email.

The Christ Church Cemetery Board and the Church Council receive many favourable comments about the beautiful churchyard and cemetery. Doing so requires certain Rules and Regulations be followed:

  • Only flat or pillow Headstones may be laid (please contact the Cemetery Board for dimensions).
  • Low-growing shrubs may be planted, and/or a well-tended small flowerbed in the headstone area only, and within the head cornerstones.
  • No plastic flowers or plastic pots.
  • Flower pots are allowed in the headstone area, recessed into the ground.
  • No iron stands or hanging baskets.
  • Wreath stands are permitted for the Winter season only (November 1st - April 30th)

We need to keep the open flat concept of the Churchyard and also allow uninterrupted access for lawnmowers and maintenance.  We understand your desire to do what you believe to be the best for your loved ones and do not wish to detract from this, but we have to have uniformity.  Please contact any of the Cemetery Board members for further information and explanation.

Christ Church Cemetery Pricing


Total Cost

Churchyard Portion

Care and Maintenance Portion

Purchase of Internment Rights*

Double Lot




Single Lot




Internment Fee

Full casket burial- single or double depth
May 1st to Nov 30th




Full casket burial- single or double depth
Dec 1st to April 30th




Cremated ashes internment
May 1st to Nov 30th




Headstone Fee- churchyard portion- collected from monument company on behalf of the churchyard

Flat stone marker- smaller than 173 in2




Flat stone marker- 173 inor larger




Raised pillow stone marker




Cornerstones- Christ Church Roches Point will remit payment to monument company according to their price list 

Set of 4




Cost to open/close grave paid directly to Baker Vault as per their current price list
Cost for outer container (required for all casket burials) paid directly to Baker Vault as per their current price list 

* Internment rights may be purchased by monthly instalments over 12 months; must be paid in full prior to burial